Debbie Does Daniel

Daniel Smith, is a Nigerian romance SCAMMER. He makes his living at pretending to love many women at the same time. When he believes he has them sufficiently hooked on his lies – and he tells some pretty convincing ones – he will then invent a crisis that can only be solved by YOUR money.

You can call me Pinky, but Danni-boi, knows me by one of my MANY scambaiting personalities. My mission and goal is to turn the scams around on the scammers and give them a taste of their own medicine. I am very good at convincing them I love them just like they do to the hundreds and thousands of women they have scammed.

The rest of this message is directed to Daniel, who claims his real name is Taiwo Shogade (see his ID at the bottom of this page. However, don’t assume it’s real. The image and birth date have been digitally altered).

Daniel, I made this little movie in your honor (don’t miss the closing credits and listen carefully to the words of the song):


So, Daniel-Taiwo-Mugu, now you know just a little of how it feels to be screwed over by someone you thought loved you. I didn’t cost you near as much as you cost your victims, but I do hope you had a little expense getting there and enough time alone in that hotel room in Benin to reflect upon what you do to hurt and harm other people. There is such a thing as bad karma, and you’ve had just a taste of yours.