Part 1


I found this one at dotsilver and decided to have some fun.
It didn't take too long to work out "she" was really a male,
but then again almost all "female" scammers are male anyway.
At the time the romance baiters at 419eater were having a friendly rivalry
to see who could get fruit involved in their trophies.
This was one of my fruit based efforts.  It involves a banana and various orifices.
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Session Start (ME:sarah_fosuah): Wed Dec 26 15:51:25 2007
[16:28] sarah_fosuah: hello
[16:28] *** Auto-response sent to sarah_fosuah: I am currently away from the computer.
[16:29] sarah_fosuah: who is this

[16:29] ME: hi.  i guess you must be one of the people i random requested a few days ago
[16:29] sarah_fosuah: im sarah and u
[16:30] ME: ME
[16:30] sarah_fosuah: nice name
[16:30] sarah_fosuah: nice to   samet u ME..
[16:30] ME: you too  :)
[16:31] sarah_fosuah: where did u find mr. ME
[16:31] ME: random chat partner option on kopete.  i hope you don't mind
[16:32] sarah_fosuah: ok
[16:32] sarah_fosuah: where from ME
[16:32] ME: south wales.  you?
[16:33] sarah_fosuah: from Ghana
[16:33] sarah_fosuah: do u have any pics...
[16:33] ME: i do if you do
[16:34] sarah_fosuah: can i have a look at u
[16:34] ME: what's your email address?  i'll have to email it to you
[16:34] sarah_fosuah: nope i want it here
[16:35] ME: i can't.  kopete doesn't do photo sharing
[16:35] sarah_fosuah: ok
[16:35] sarah_fosuah:
[16:35] sarah_fosuah: thats my email
[16:35] ME: ok.  hold on
[16:37] ME: sent
[16:38] sarah_fosuah: let me check
[16:38] ME: k
[16:39] sarah_fosuah: thats pretty nice
[16:39] sarah_fosuah: i like it
[16:40] ME: ty.  and your pic?
[16:40] sarah_fosuah: okay
[16:40] sarah_fosuah: like me share it out
[16:40] ME: it'll have to be email
[16:40] ME:
[16:40] sarah_fosuah: okay
[16:41] ME: thanks
[16:41] sarah_fosuah: just a minute
[16:41] ME: ok
[16:41] sarah_fosuah: so tell me more about ur self...
[16:42] ME: what would you like to know?  feel free to ask anything
[16:42] sarah_fosuah: what do u do for a living
[16:43] ME: i work with computers.  it's techie stuf fi won't bore you with
[16:45] sarah_fosuah: no never
[16:45] sarah_fosuah: are u married?
[16:45] ME: single.  never married, but lived with someone for 10 years
[16:45] sarah_fosuah: is that person ur gf
[16:46] sarah_fosuah: just send the pics...
[16:47] ME: was.  we split about 4 months back
[16:47] sarah_fosuah: ok
[16:47] sarah_fosuah: so happen then u are not married
[16:47] sarah_fosuah: a handsome man like u
[16:47] ME: maybe one day.  if i find the right person
[16:48] ME: but no rush for me
[16:48] sarah_fosuah: thats a nice idea
[16:48] sarah_fosuah: seen my pics
[16:48] ME: still waiting for the email
[16:49] sarah_fosuah: i used this email to send it
[16:49] sarah_fosuah:
[16:49] sarah_fosuah: just send it
[16:49] sarah_fosuah: check it again
[16:50] ME: still nothing.  i think the server's slow today. 
[16:50] sarah_fosuah: 'k
[16:50] sarah_fosuah: tell me
[16:50] sarah_fosuah: what do u like any ladies u would like to   samet oneday
[16:51] ME: hmm, i dunno.  i'm pretty easygoing.  as long as they're not self obsessed i'd be happy
[16:52] sarah_fosuah: so tell me what are u looking from me
[16:52] ME: a nice conversation to start would be a good place to start
[16:53] sarah_fosuah: sure?
[16:53] ME: well it's a start and everything has to start somewhere
[16:53] sarah_fosuah: ok
[16:54] sarah_fosuah: have u seen me
[16:54] ME: just arrived.  you're very pretty.  is that recent? 
[16:55] sarah_fosuah: ty
[16:55] ME: so tell me about yourself as well
[16:56] sarah_fosuah: im a student who is graduate next month
[16:56] sarah_fosuah: single and live with my parent
[16:56] sarah_fosuah: u?
[16:57] ME: work with computers.  single, own house and a dog
[16:57] sarah_fosuah: okay
[16:58] ME: what are you studying?
[16:58] sarah_fosuah: journalism
[16:58] ME: nice.   brb.  phone
[16:59] sarah_fosuah: k
[17:00] ME: gtg sorry.  work calls
[17:01] sarah_fosuah: can u call me when u arrive back
[17:01] sarah_fosuah: <ding>
[17:01] sarah_fosuah: 233245021165
[17:01] sarah_fosuah: <ding>
[17:01] sarah_fosuah: hello
[17:05] sarah_fosuah: <ding>
[17:05] sarah_fosuah: talk to me
[17:07] sarah_fosuah: <ding>
[17:07] *** "sarah_fosuah" signed off at Wed Dec 26 17:07:39 2007.
Session Close (sarah_fosuah): Thu Dec 27 01:39:52 2007

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