Why do I call him "Bananaboi"?  Read on....
Have a laugh as I totally humiliate a scammer.

[23:05] ME: hey there how're ya doing?
[23:05] LAD: Hello sweetie
[23:05] LAD: Am doing cool
[23:05] LAD: I missed u alread
[23:05] ME: what did you get up to today?
[23:06] LAD: Well not much....i swim with the girls today
[23:06] LAD: since i dont work weekend
[23:06] LAD: Where are u?
[23:06] LAD: Are u still working Hun
[23:06] ME: at home. in my pyjamas
[23:06] LAD: Oh nice
[23:07] LAD: What have u been doing today
[23:07] ME: window shopping
[23:07] LAD: Do u even work at all today?
[23:08] ME: nope. it's saturday so i went window shopping with my girlfriends then we had a few bottles of wine
[23:09] LAD: What are u doing
[23:09] LAD: Are u there
[23:09] LAD: Oh nice
[23:09] ME: i'm just catching up on my emails and stuff
[23:09] LAD: i missed u today
[23:09] LAD: Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you :-)
[23:10] ME: where'd you steal that from?
[23:10] LAD: it's from my heart to urs
[23:11] LAD: I have alot in my head
[23:11] ME: don't bullshit me
[23:11] LAD: lol
[23:11] LAD: No i wont
[23:11] ME: why did i find that exact quote somewhere else then?
[23:12] LAD: Honey how abt ur check?
[23:13] ME: never mind my check, why did you lie to me?
[23:14] LAD: really?
[23:14] LAD: Where do u find it
[23:14] ME:
[23:14] ME: why did you lie to me?
[23:15] LAD:
[23:15] ME: that's what i said didn't i?
[23:15] LAD: Please wait let me check maybe it's really there
[23:15] LAD: I will never lie to you
[23:15] LAD: please trust me
[23:15] ME: Quotes: Missing You
34 matches found. (1 - 10)
149. "Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Cathe
[23:16] LAD: Woww am very suprise it's there
[23:16] LAD: Please tell me how do u found that?
[23:16] LAD: am not lieing to you
[23:16] LAD: and i will never do that
[23:18] ME: i found it using google. i'm not stupid, so don't treat me like i am
[23:18] LAD: I will never do that hun
[23:19] ME: you obviously are if you're trying to pass off stolen poetry as your own
[23:19] LAD: Oh no
[23:20] ME: i don't appreciate your insulting my intelligence like this
[23:20] LAD: Honey it's ok
[23:20] LAD: Am so sorry Hun
[23:20] LAD: honey please let forget abt it
[23:21] ME: no, let's not. you tried to trick me into believing you'd written that especially for me. don't you realise how insulting that is?
[23:21] LAD: Am so sorry
[23:22] ME: why should i believe anything you tell me from this point on if you lie about the basic stuff?
[23:23] LAD: Hun i will never lie to u abt that
[23:23] ME: but you've already lied to me
[23:23] LAD: Oh God
[23:23] LAD: Hun if i did am so sorry
[23:24] LAD: let forget abt it
[23:24] ME: first you won't say the words i want you to, then you treat me like an idiot by stealing someone else's words and pretending they're yours
[23:25] LAD: :-*Smile
[23:25] LAD: Hun what do u want us to chat abt now
[23:25] LAD: so will can forget abt that
[23:25] ME: you tell me
[23:25] ME: but i'm pissed at you
[23:26] LAD: Am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Sorry Hun
[23:27] ME: how sorry?
[23:27] LAD: hun are u alone there?
[23:28] ME: just me and the pc
[23:29] LAD: Great..will u like to have fun with me tonight
[23:30] ME: is it worth it seeing as you won't say what i tell you to?
[23:30] LAD: Hun what is that
[23:30] LAD: i will try to make u happy
[23:31] ME: i told you what i like. i know it's weird but that's who i am. but you refused to say it for me.
[23:31] LAD: I will Hun
[23:31] ME: well then SAY IT!!!
[23:33] LAD: what do u want me to say
[23:33] LAD: say it again
[23:33] ME: i want you to tell me that you'll dress up in womens underwear for me. and not just "ill do anything", actually SAY IT TO ME!!!
[23:34] LAD: ok
[23:36] LAD: My dear i canbt Understand your Question
[23:36] LAD: you mean i should put on woman Underwear?
[23:36] ME: yes!!
[23:37] LAD: why?
[23:37] ME: becasue i like it
[23:37] LAD: you will be Laughing at me if i did that
[23:37] LAD: Lol okay so that means you will Put on my Pant then
[23:37] ME: of course i won't. i told you already it turns me on
[23:37] LAD: But it will be Secret just for me and You Only Okay
[23:37] LAD: Lol okay i will do anything to make you Happy cause your Happiness is so Much Important to me
[23:38] ME: good. so are you going to tell me now?
[23:38] LAD: Yes
[23:38] ME: then say it to me
[23:38] LAD: Honey i wish i can Open your Ear and Tell you Silently
[23:39] LAD: Okay i will
[23:39] ME: well you can't so it'll have to be through here
[23:40] LAD: ok
[23:40] ME: well then....... ?
[23:43] LAD: Okay i will Put on your Under Wear if that will make you Happy
[23:43] ME: good. what type would you wear for me?
[23:44] LAD: Type of Underwear? anyone you give to me is't your Bar ? Pant
[23:45] ME: ok, how about something lacey? would you wear that for me? and remember, don't just say "yes", actually tell me
[23:46] LAD: Lol Okay
[23:46] LAD: you know that if i Put on your Lacey my Dick will be Out cause seeing you at my Front will make my Dick Hard and Harder
[23:47] ME: you're really having trouble saying it aren't you? how difficult is it for you to tell me you'd wear my lacey underwear?
[23:48] LAD: No am Not
[23:49] ME: so say it to me properly. like you really mean it. how else am i supposed to get horny?
[23:50] LAD: Yes Honey and going to Put on your Underwear
[23:50] LAD: I Promise to change the way you Walk when am done with your Pussy
[23:51] ME: not yet. that takes time before we get there
[23:51] LAD: Yes i understand
[23:51] ME: good. so tell me how you think it would feel against your skin?
[23:52] LAD: it's will be good for me
[23:52] LAD: and you?
[23:53] ME: i'm still imagining you wearing it. ok, now let's get this clear ok? if i ask you something i want you to tell me properly. in detail. understand?
[23:53] ME: not "yes" or "no" answers, but proper ones with as much description as possible
[23:53] LAD: Yes hun
[23:53] LAD: Ok i understand
[23:53] ME: good. so tell me how you think it would feel if you rubbed your dick through my panties?
[23:54] LAD: awwwwwwwwwwwww
[23:55] LAD: i think it will be the greatest things has happens to me in my life and no one ever did that to me
[23:56] LAD: and i will suck ur pussy
[23:56] LAD: i will kiss u all over ya body
[23:56] ME: not until i've played with you while you're wearing my underwear. now tell me how much you like wearing it
[23:57] LAD: i will wear it as much as u want me to wear it...even i put ur bar on if am making sex with you
[23:58] ME: willy ou wear my panties?
[23:59] LAD: yes that is for sure....and i will put on all ur underwear
[23:59] LAD: i wish i can put it on now and make sex with you
[23:59] ME: good. now you're understanding how it works
[23:59] LAD: am so hard right now
[23:59] ME: tell me how you think my panties would feel against your cock
[00:00] LAD: Woww...that really turn me on...Honey it will be really nice
[00:01] ME: and my bra? how would that feel on you?
[00:01] LAD: Oh hun i cant wait to put it on and funk ur hard and i will also put on ur bar when am facking u so hard
[00:01] ME: it's called a BRA not a bar
[00:01] ME: say it again, properly this time
[00:02] LAD: I will feel better when i put ur bra on
[00:02] LAD: amd ur panties
[00:02] ME: that's better. keep telling me about it
[00:03] LAD: i will kiss all over ur body and remove ur bra and panties and i will put it on and make sex with you
[00:03] LAD: do u like that?
[00:04] ME: you're doing much better now. but describe the underwear pressed against your body
[00:06] LAD: honey the bra and pantie will be pretty good against my body
[00:06] LAD: honey if am there right now putting on ur bra and pantie what will u do for me
[00:07] LAD: ?
[00:07] ME: i'll be taking them off for you soon.
[00:07] LAD: after that what will happen
[00:08] ME: you'll find out after i take them off. but i want you to enjoy them and i want to enjoy seeing you wearing them for a while first
[00:09] LAD: yes i will really enjoy it
[00:09] LAD: hun how can i meet u fast i cant wait to put ur bra and panties on
[00:10] LAD: :-*
[00:11] ME: good. now remember, next time we chat you better get with the program much quicker than you did today. i don't like having to explain each and every detail to you.
[00:12] LAD: oh i understand
[00:12] LAD: honey are u happy now?
[00:12] ME: not really, but you're learning. next time we can do it properly as long as you you remember how it works

After this I was set a challenge by another baiter

"Now heres a challenge, can you turn the conversation towards what you want him to do with fruit, just spare us the fine detail"

Never one to back down from a challenge, I worked the lad again and got these quotes off him

[23:08] i want you to put banana in condom in my ass and use it to milk my prostate

And just so you know he doesn't forget how to make me happy
[23:09] Honey i wish i have cam so u can see my ass and cock and i will put on bra for you

and one more time for good luck
[23:16] i will put banana in condom with some lub so that can make itt slide in easily in my ass

After this I dropped him, but organised a mass bait on him so all the other baiters from 419eater
could make him their pet too.  After that he was always referred to as "Bananaboi"