Praise for "Your Profile Has Very Much Liked Me."

"I am laughing out loud while reading. Brilliant stuff."
"I really enjoyed reading the phrases from these jelly headed scammers!"
"Thanks for writing the book.  It's FANTASTIC!!!"
"I HURT from laughing so much!"
"The funniest book I have ever read..."
"I love it ..."
"Haven't even got past the intro and I'm rolling on the friggin floor!!!"


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About the author.

Wayne discovered online 419 scammers by stumbling onto a baiting site in 2005. 

A month later, he had his first romance scammer and has been baiting them ever since.

He became a forum administrator helping those who had been scammed in 2008. was created in the same year to showcase his baits as well

as offering help and advice on baiting and dealing with having been scammed.

He now runs in order to further help scam survivors.



"The Scam Survivors' Handbook" can be distributed in its original PDF format elsewhere,

providing there is no charge made and the book is unaltered.  



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